Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts You Must Know

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

In this post, you can learn some facebook keyboard shortcuts. Using these shortcuts you can use facebook features quickly just by pressing a keyboard key. Before going to the keys, you must know about the modifie keys as well. You will have to press a modifier key + key for a facebook features.

Modifier Keys:

Alt = Chrome & IE

Alt+Shift = Firefox

Function+Ctrl = Firefox on OSX

Option+Ctrl = OSX & Other

Now following are the facebook keyboard shortcuts.

M (Open a new message)
? (Go to the Facebook Search)
1 (Home (News Feed)
2 (Your profile page)
3 (Friend requests)
4 (Messages)
5 (Notifications)
6 (Your Account Settings)
7 (Your Privacy Settings)
8 (Go to the Facebook page)
9 (View Facebook Statements and Rights agreement)
0 (Open Facebook help center)

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