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Do you feel stuck sometimes? Like the situations whenever you want to install some new apps and your cell phone runs out of the required space! And you just get confused and can’t do nothing about it. Other than, wondering which app to keep and which one to delete? Still, it is too hard to decide. When  16, 32 or even at times 64 GBs, you don’t feel enough to have! Does it sound familiar to you? If yes, then you are the lucky one to have an app called, Aptrax. It is very useful tool to monitor app usage. You can gauge your usage of an app since the day it has entered your cell phone.

Aptrax, unlike others, helps you to track how many times you have opened apps. You can check status of an app within specific  time period. For example, how many times an app has been opened in last week or in last month.  Even you can also track the frequency of app opening in a way that how many times it has been opened since the day it got into your cell phone. Not only the frequency, but you can also check how much time you have spent with the specific app. So, on the basis of your daily activities with your cell phone, this app lets you to choose and decide which of the installed apps to keep and which are just a burden on your Android based smartphone. And such apps can be as good as removed from your cell phone, so that you can say welcome to some more of the MBs to your phone.

Get Aptrax and make your phone smart enough to use each of its bytes or megabytes in a proper way and help you to save  them from getting rusted. So, how did you find Aptrax, share your experiences in the comment section below.

aptrax app

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