Auto Pilot Mode Android helps you saving your cell phone’s battery

Auto Pilot Mode android

Auto Pilot Mode app

Have you ever faced network connectivity loss? Who on earth have not! This is very annoying to lose signals when you are on your way to some meeting and you are expecting some important call meanwhile. This usually happens when you have to leave the central areas of your city and have to travel to countryside. Being in a village, you are out signals and it drains your battery too, what the heck is worse than that! You need to make your cell phone to offline mode and then again to online mode to get to some of the signals or even they don’t appear. Don’t you feel annoyed, here is an app named Auto Pilot Mode. It will give you an opportunity to activate auto offline mode, whenever you lose your cell phone’s signals and saves your battery time.

Auto Pilot Mode android is a simple app, which automatically enables the airplane mode. You can control the time and duration of this offline mode. Launch the app, set the time as well as signal strength to decide when to active the airplane mode and you are done. Now, this app will work for you. Auto Pilot Mode will check and recheck network availability; you just need to set the time duration. It will help you with call drop. It also helps you to launch the app in boot mode, you can even stop the functionality when you are in some call. You can set threshold of both GSM and CDMA with the help of this app.

Auto Pilot Mode app for android

Auto Pilot Mode app

Airplane mode switches off your Wi-Fi? But with the help of Auto Pilot Mode android, you can enable you Wi-Fi connectivity even during your airplane mode activated.

This is a pretty awesome app to have, you can download from Google Play store for free. Here is the link. So, tell us what do you think of Auto Pilot Mode android? Share in the comment section below.

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